New Members


Become a GEO Member Today!

-From the people who brought you the weekend, your union!

Thank you for joining the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO). As a member, you receive access to these special benefits:

1.Scholarly Support Fund

Our Scholarly Support Fund is offered to dues paying members who are traveling to and/or presenting at an academic conference anywhere across the globe.

2. Events, Food, and Fun

The GEO organizes special events to help students better understand our contract, learn about advocacy campaigns, support unionization across campuses, and social network across departments.

3. Grievance Support

The GEO organizing committee is here to represent you through any work related grievance and navigate the University’s campus and administrative proceedings, including legal support at the State level.

4. An Advocate for Policy Change

The GEO pledges to continuously advocate for your welfare and benefit at various political platforms at the university, city, and state level.

5. Graduate Advocate

Each semester the GEO coordinates the GradAdvocate, a op-ed based newsletter, which showcases students talent and highlight current issues in graduate affairs and unionization.

6. Department Representatives

Every year the GEO coordinates a committee of Department Representatives that act as stewards between your department and the GEO. Department Reps keep you updated on contract information, union changes, city and state level policy changes.

7. Bargaining on your behalf

Every 3 years the GEO takes up the task of soliciting preferences for policy change, leading the bargain campaign, and negotiating on your behalf with the central administration. Major gains include a 2% raise, partial dental and vision, and an increase in grants for student travel.