Scholarly Support Fund


Scholarly Support Fund (SSF) Guidelines and Requirements

The Graduate Employee Organization Scholarly Support Fund (GEO SSF) provides financial support to dues-paying GEO members who attend and/or present posters, papers (written work), or talks at academic and professional conferences. This is a first come-first serve grant; funding will be awarded to applicants in the order GEO receives applications. Dues-paying members who are presenting at a conference can receive a reimbursement of up to $500 for their expenses. Those who are attending but not presenting at a conference can receive a reimbursement of up to $250 for their expenses. Eligible expenses include transportation, conference registration fees, lodging (if the conference requires travel outside of Boston), and meals. While in the past SSF has allowed for in-office applications, in the Spring of 2019 and onward, only digital applications through our online form, which will open on the first morning of the semester, will be allowed. Please review this page and all attached materials carefully, even if you have received SSF in the past.

Attached below are the following documents;

The SSF FAQ, which you should review closely, as it contains information about eligibility, supplemental materials required by UMass Boston, what to do after you’ve been accepted for SSF, how much money is in the SSF form and the decision making process for who is awarded money, and more. Download the PDF here.

The SSF Application Required Information, which is a short checklist of things required for the SSF Google Form, like your name, the name of the conference, whether you’re attending or presenting, and more. It is an incredibly useful tool to ensure that you can fill out the SSF Google Form as quickly as possible once it opens. Download the PDF here.

The SSF Procedure Checklist, which contains the broad picture of the steps required to apply for and receive SSF. Download the PDF here.

All three of these documents are important. Please review all three closely, and, if you have any questions, email us at

SSF Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed. Applications for the Fall 2019 term will open on the first day of classes at 8AM. Please email us if you have any questions!